Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Talking Ecuador .. Finally The Middle, The Border To Quito

Ecuador The Border To Quito

Arriving at the border we did the usual formalities, we also meet another couple of two weestroms which was cool, just on two hours we were set and on our way, again into a new country so having to relearn everything about it in a hurry.

Guess who had been here before us

We did a huge day of 17 km and settled in Tulcan for the night to get feet on the ground and suss out costs etc.

From Tulcan we went coastal enjoying a great ride through Ecuadorian jungle and heading to San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo wouldn’t be classed as a tourist stop but interesting none the less.

On the way they were doing massive road works, three diggers perched up on hillside just throwing bucket after bucket down, spectacular stuff, we sat on the road watching it for 40 minutes

The ride down the coast line was good sweeping through lush jungle and out to barren desert like areas, turning inland we headed for Quito to find out the lowdown on Ecuador from the lads at Freedom Rentals.

The very kindly spotted us a Tee shirt each and a key ring for Maya so now I have two formal going out shirts ... flash as Michael Jackson

We bunked down at Casa Helbling in Quito, what a great place that is with real Wifi and proper hot water and very very nice hosts.

We kicked around in Quito taking the city in, old town was beautiful.

Next up was Papallacta thermal pools.

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