Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Oyachachi Road

Here we are back to our old ways of wanting to look around the next corner and the lure of a gravel road winding its way into Gods back yard and disappearing into a vale the fog was too much, as luck would have it the digger had filled the road in so we carried on past the thermal resort and through the first gates, up to the next station 4 km up, the Police were there so we waved and carried on looking very authoritative, they waved back like this guy -> .

It was only a little wet


Up to the lake ... pics, Police passed us, we caught up with the Police and followed them into Oyacachi, we continued down to roads end which was 24 km from the main drag.

BIG rains had demolished the road and the river wiped out the lot.

One digger and big bully parked there slowly making the road again but no bueno today

We turned around and went back a few km, 2.6 km outa town are Cabins so we bunked down there the night.

The cabins were being run by an 8 year old girl and a 13 year old boy as mum and dad were away and not back till the following night.

Fire lighter No 1

And her bro

We managed trade breakfast for tea, they run a trout farm so it was trout, rice, chips and salad all prepared by the young fella and his younger sister, talk about top notch.

This was followed up by sitting in front of an open fire watching Motorcycle Diaries ... good times.

The sun rose and we rode back, the construction crew placing pipework in for water for Qutio saw 200 - 300 women and men hand digging and laying pipework at around 4000 meters.

Some pics from the lake at mid point

Getting back to the rangers point the chain was across the road, Ellen hops off and drops the chain, the park ranger comes out not sure what to do, we say buenos (hello) and fit the chain back up and ride off with an authoritative smile and wave as he did back and everybody was happy.

Mr Park ranger was not sure what to do at all with a big orange alien with bright eyes and some people who "seemed" to know what they were doing so we just carried that through and it worked, we were however armed with toffee lollies if needed.

To say this park is stunning is an understatement, we stood there at the lake just taking the place in, it is one of those secluded quiet places that pulls the heart strings letting you know you really are alive.

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