Thursday, 14 November 2013

Caliantics Round 4 - Rio Claro

Rio Claro was delayed slightly by rain but nonetheless we headed out after gearing up and the further we got in elevation and into the park the better it got.

The road however being the biggest challenge yet for the two smaller bikes on road rubber, even Maya was wriggling around a bit as it was hard clay with a wet top

A couple of creek crossings proving to be fun for all and we made it all but to the end when one creek crossing was a little higher, being on Maya there was an unspoken request that we go first which was fair and they could gauge the depth

It turned out to be only 300 - 400 deep but flowing fast enough to make it interesting for the lite bikes

Finally reachng Rio Claro it was like having a small side trip to Africa, now bein blanco (white) I love dark .... suddenly I was surrounded with girlfriends much to Ellens amusement

My fav

Six pack boys, beautiful girls .....out here in the middle of nowhere WTF, Jorge and Raul watching on in amusement too.

This time Maya not the subject of discussion but the whiteyfoo and the yella terra, they all wanted their photos with us and we with them .....totally awesome fun

Leaving Africa and heading back into Colombia the road progressively got easier then back to the main drag to Rauls grandmothers place for lunch....more yummy fud

Back to home base, a quick wonderwoman clothing change and off to the salsa festival in town, gezz talk about busy, on conclusion of that we had a quick interview with the TV asking what we thought of Cali and Colombia so that was cool ( so I thanked my supporters and asked for world peace and fud for all the children in Africa).

The TV lady

Una Chimba

Raul on the left and Jorge o the right ... being so immature

An evening stroll with a guided tour on the way home finished the day

Vid of the day

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