Friday, 1 November 2013

Ripped Off

Taking a taxi from Salvis place to the US embassy was an adventure in itself, the taxi should cost $6mil and the wonderful taxi driver who assumed we didn’t know where we were going took us around in circles and despite us telling him where to go in and he ignored us taking us around the block. 

When he said 12 mil we said no and that is when the fight started, he called the police which was perfect.

The police were good, the taxi driver tried to charge us double so I told him to get fucked (politely), he called the cops (good move) and the cops sided with us when they heard where we had come from and how much he was trying to charge, the taxi driver wouldn't accept my offer of what we SHOULD pay so we just walked off ... he followed us for 300 metres yelling and carrying on to the embassy with the police in tow who were getting less and less happy with the taxi driver by the second.

Even the US embassy lady at the gate was getting pissy with the taxi driver so I said very firmly 6 mil or nada to the taxi driver as we were about to go through the gates into the embassy, he snatched it and swore at us in Spanish (well done) and the police nearly thumped him.

No receipt tho from the taxi driver (surprise)*

The fun side of travelling 

The Reason We Are At The US Embassy

So yes some wanker in Antigua, Guatemala cloned or copied my debt card, they spent $930 US on my card in Antigua when we were in El Salvador up in Parque Imposible.

We have shown all the evidence to the bank including our passports stamped out of Guatemala but they have a forged sig which is really bad and they are sticking with it so we had to travel 500 km back to Bogota, get an affidavit notarized at the US embassy then get our passports notarized as to being authentic and now we have to go through the small claim court to recover our money that we didn't spend.

The bank Wells Fugwits better known as Wells Fargo has been the biggest pack of wankers to deal with ever.

They have stuck their head in the sand in the face of verified information and said no so their bill is going to go up ten fold now with legal counsel. 


So not everything works the way you want it to, now no slant on the US but the three things we have been ripped off on our trip are US based and we are travelling in dangerland down here  hmmmmm

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