Saturday, 28 December 2013

Cajamarca - Merry Christmas

Firstly if you organize an event you should turn up ....

We I did ... at least for part of the first night, James & Colleen Tucker, Tobius me and Ellen out for a snack

Christmas eve, all the crims had arrived and got sorted, we had a few grogs and went out for tea, we had Chinese and I got a bad batch of chicken, by later evening I was turning green, by midnight I was not feeling great but we went into town for a look around and got back about 1 ish.

Fours mysterious Ghosts

Cajamarca Peruvian crew on Christmas eve ... good times

Shortly after things went sour with No2’s going from cable to wifi and me talking to the big white telephone several times during the night, BIG discussions were held . (no photos)

So my Christmas present was food poisoning ... yay, Christmas day I was sub sheets all day, sweating, freezing, dunny, repeat.

Not sure what the others did so that is my Christmas report .

Boxing day I was still alive although heavily washed out and badly dehydrated so Ellen got some Gatorade to help refuel me then slowly on dry biscuits I got back into it.

Next night when I was fit and almost well Tobius, Devin Ellen and I went to a steakhouse for tea... outstanding it was too, incredibly nice and a treat after being so crook.

We did have time to take in the sights of Cajamarca finally, again Tobius, Devin Ellen and I take a ride to Banos Del Inca hot pools and the three lads got a massage too...awesome soak followed by a good beating.

Inca face carved into a tree, well done I say.

The local (crazy) market also providing some bulk entertainment it was hustle and bustle supreme, as luck would have it pretty much the best coffee place in town was two doors down.

The louts, Ellen, Me, Tobius and Devin

Merry Christmas with the ADV salute to go..

Tuckers away

Tobius away

As usual .. the kiwis ... first to get there last ones to leave

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