Friday, 27 December 2013

Cueipes - Town Of Waterfalls

In Cueipes there is the 10th 3rd highest waterfall in the world ... they all seem to have a claim to fame however we can vouch these have a claim to grandeur, Yumbilla being a 4 tier fall it falls from the plato well above and drops four tiers to the base pond before turning into a normal creek on its way to the Amazon river.

This baby is four tiers high

With a bit of scrounging around we found the track to the base and the undercut falls ... awesome.

The base falls, me on the left

You can walk behind the falls too as it has been washed out from years of wear and tear, you can see how it floods in Brasil when you have epic rains in Peru as the catchment is enormous.

Ellen decided it was warm

That pretty much took care of the day, next up was the track to the top between the first and second tier which we did on the second day and we were not let down at all enjoying epic views of Peru from the top shelf.

And how cool is this a bit or wildlife right in front of us

The top, this section was a monty, again me but on the center right being dwarfed by a Pervian ducha

Ellen decided on the way back that one of the smaller falls was worthy of a swim, I thought it was worthy of a photo, we both got our way.

On a previous track earlier we looked for another invisible waterfall and it turned into and epic climb so needless to say by the time we made it out of the bush we were beat but what a day.

Tea was early was bed time.

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