Friday, 27 December 2013

Cuispes To Luya And About

Huge day .... woulda been a good 40 km.

After spending our one .... three nights in Cuispes we hit it and headed to Chacapoyas with the vision of going back to Luya,

The road was nothing short of spectacular with massive rock overhangs such that again they made Mrs.Garmin lose her mind.

See the vid for the rock ride

Ellen spotted the turnoff to Luya that took us right there, the road not shown on maps or GPS so we are using human talent to get to places now.

Getting off the main road it turned to shingle and was boney and yet again another world most dangerous road, I am sure if we fell off any one of them that would be the end of it so I am not sure what makes what more dangerous.

We set up at Luya for the night and started our trip out to Karajia, we were relying on roads signs and as it would happen some wonderful Peruvian made the sign wrong and the two towns pointed out on it are opposite ways.

Eeeerh WRONG

We travelled quite some distance on an even bonier road before stopping and asking only to find out this slight anomaly known by the locals.

An american lady working in a school came to the rescue and said we needed to backtrack and informed us of slight hickup with the sign so that pretty much stuffed the day and we had to return and have a crack at it the following day.

Nice outlook, ominous clouds in the distance, even when taking the wrong turn the right ting always happens.

You guessed it, next day mission accomplished with ease now on the right road.

We have to admit the sales photos etc almost overdid what we thought we were going to see, the single sales photo of the statues is pretty much it, anyway, being there is everything, it was great to see it in person and we have a cool cruise through small backyard towns.

A tomb on the other side

Nice chasm like surroundings

On our way back we turned off to the Huaylla Belen river which snakes its way down the valley, we stopped at the top which unveiled the full shape of it.

This pic can only be improved in one way

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