Monday, 9 December 2013

Playas To Machala To Cuenca

So feeling like crap but still able to ride we set to first through Guayaquil, Ecuadors biggest city, if I hadn’t bummed our turn up we would have been through faster than a dutchman chasing a dollar bill in the wind ....but I thought a city tour was in order ...yeah.

No dramas down the road other than boredom from a straight road and a dodgy guts, we did however manage to find a neat shortcut out to the sea, we shoulda stayed at the little village as it was quite nice but we punched on to Machala as we needed wifi and to be honest a touch of air con or a good fan and a nice bed was in order for yee ol sick one.

See the bottle made from bottles advertising no biffing rubbish

Very basic wee fishing village

My wish was fulfilled and was well earned, surprising what a few home comforts when you need em can make a huge difference ... actually just not trying to sleep on the toilet makes the biggest difference.

Machala itself surprised us with its size and it is a modern town

Interesting when the tide came in during the afternoon the storm water sumps were flowing back onto the street creating a flood on the streets.

A lite snack of fries and a bottle of 7 up to settle the mid then bed for the oldies.

The road from Machala to Cuenca bought a whole new feel to the place as we had gone from jungle to mountains to beaches to desert in two days and had ridden down from 4860 meters to see level.

The mountain desert road

A solitary plastic bag racing us down the road ... we won

Destination Cuenca, we were on course to meet with Luis, Janette and family, amigos of Julio in Ambato.

On arriving there was an audience and welcoming comity, a rider Alfonzo (Pocho) from Colombia, a couple Garston and Luciana from Argentina and Luis and family.

We were welcomed in and given lunch and shown to our room, very nice indeed.

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