Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cuenca ... Town Of Surprises

Being big towns aren't totally our gig we have found some surprise in Central and South American towns.

A walk around Cuenca in the afternoon we had a small list of stuff we wanted to do including getting more insurance which was due to run out, we did a visit to the KTM shop looking for a replacement horn but the atmosphere was cool there, although we were not expecting red carpet some help would have been welcomed...never mind it is just a horn.

Las Cajas National park just out of Cuenca with hiking etc was our next mission, again up at 4000 meters our fitness was improving with every breath we tried to take.

Many lakes and tarns grace the park

There are weird "red trees' that are buckled

Stunning scenery again was served up in the intermissions of cloud. fog and occasional rain unveiling the true beauty that Ecuador hides on the top shelf.

We were there.

While there we took in Cuena town as well as enjoying a very nice coffee at a gringo cafe (nice to have these luxuries every few weeks), Cuenca itself is a very nice city and by comparison very easy to get in and out of.

The Panama hat museum was in order to to see how the hats were made.

As you can see this lady has a nice hats....

All shapes and colours

A hat forming machine

That evening Garston (a chief from Argentina) prepped and cooked up a big bar b que which involved drinking and lies well as some BMX stunts on the top deck....good times.

...a balanced diet

A chiefs talent

Luis and I showing our appreciation

Janette is also a bombero (firefighter) so all the girls had a trip to the fire station for a photo session ....they have some pretty cool kit there.

These are BIG trucks

We tried to leave the next day and were told off ... we had to stay or there would be trouble, no prob, we don’t wonna be naughty at our age as that is seen as irresponsible so Ellen reciprocated and made sushi that night for the gathering....again this went down like a treat.

Some cool and interesting people to, Pocho from Colombia travelling on a his Pulsar, unfortunately a "very strong gust of wind" on a charm still perfect day blew his bike over

Gaston and Luciana from Argentina travelling two up on their Honda 125

Yes 79424 km .... onya guys ..Respect!!!

The girls doing girls things... they said it was nail polish I reckon they were graffiti taggers

Saying goodbye to our new Cuencadorian family we took a cool route through small villages and a back road to Yantzaza on great advice from luis, anything to avoid the pan am and clutter that goes with it.

Huge thanks to Luis Janette and family for making us feel welcome.

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