Monday, 9 December 2013

La Troncal To Puerto Lopez To Playas

Going down on things....

Well, the ride down to the lowlands was nothing to write home about other than when we were in the mountains and we pretty much had the road to ourselves, it was so peaceful and a time to be admired, once on the flats were we inundated by trucks and buses and clouds of half burnt diesel coupled with hot and sticky ... almost like being back in Cuba!! ... except we were riding this time.

La Troncal ... yeah, had a nice shower, the only fun part was upsetting a guy who wanted to drive through me where I was parked rather than go just behind me and into the gate, yes you could have fitted a bus through there be head didn’t wonna do that.... he got angry and tooted etc so I just smiled and made him more angry, the hotel guy came out and gave him a right royal serve.

Again I am no expert in Spanish but I understood clearly the hotel guy was not happy with the dickhead being very arrogant and told him to go around like a normal person ... which he did .... while I smiled.

That was La Troncal.

Sooooo, next day the gumball rally begin, gezz I hate main roads, we had one guy pull out to pass and he kept coming like we were invisible despite the LEDs in has face and we had to dive off the road to avoid being taken out head on ...wanker.

Once off the main drag heading down the coast the pace and stress levels dropped thankfully.

Puerto Lopez, Marylou and Rob were staying there so we dropped into their hotel per instructions to find they shifted to a much cheaper place and in town.

Suited us and they left more instructions, riding into town they found us easily ... only one big moto rolling into town with two big smiling faces .... being drunkards on level three they yelled out ...too easy.

We found some reasonably priced accommodation and Maya was parked out the back with the chooks and turkeys, we covered Maya in case they decided she was a good vantage point to shit from.

Hanging with the dodgy Canadian we walked, relaxed, talked shit, drunk grog and ate ... as ya do.

Also took in the national park at the sulpher pools and gettin caked in mud ... awesome, this girl took a picture with us, ellen a got a picture of her with mud on her face .

Me, Ellen, Marrylou and Rob ... luvin it.

The sulfur pool, neat spot.

Down at the beach ... kids having fun

Hitting the road south we headed out to La Libertard then back out and on our way to Playas.

Talking a side road created some amusement and was much nicer that 4 lane race track fighting for space with buses and trucks, down near to sea edge was a bit airy as there were 40ft shipping containers all painted yellow saying private property keep out (in Spanish) and we wondered what was so precious out in a desert wonders??.

Lots of dry creek crossings

Lots of these containers ...

Arriving at Playas we clocked into our hotel which was one street off the beach and only $10 for the two of us including parking, wifi, own shower and, Playas is a very locals place thus I was pretty much the only whiteyfoo there.

After having cerviche in Puerto Lopez and being in a seaside town we decided to have it here too .... well we were at the end of the day and no one else was there and the lady was overly keen ....should have known at that point.

First off she delivered a very half portion ... I said come on the picture shows this and you are trying to give us this so she took it back and two minutes later it was per the picture ,... and I suspect by the way my guts felt later it was complete with the days floor scrapings, later that night all hell broke loose, I could have shat through the eye of a needle from 5 meters away.

That left me feeling very second hand the next day not to mention dehydrated and frail, we are now religiously sticking to our rule, no one in the place we are NOT going there, a place packed full of locals is a sure bet to a great feed for a good price and the risk of getting the shits from higher turnover places is greatly reduced.

Being off shade didn’t stop the hardened travellers tho .... nah .... onwards and upwards..... destination Machala for the night.

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