Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cajamarca To Angasmarca

Ok, South that is the game plan and a nice clean road to Cajabamba, a trouble free and uneventful day saw us get to Cajabamba in plenty of time after a lunchtime getaway.

Seen this crap before Hektoglider

Cajabamba is a nice place with a good vibes and we bagged nice accommodation with wifi, this is a treat in Peru.

And it has a cool toy shop

This was to be our final civilized town with good services so we sorted everything before going awol.

Civilized ... tying them down is cheating

Santiago de chuca was the goal, we hit our turnoff just after lake Saucachoca, it was very loose and deep with sand and lime and hiding those lovely round marble shaped rocks within which made it interesting to say the least.

The start of the sandpit

We spotted a cool gorge so went for a look, wow it was cool, we carried on our way heading further and further up the valley, it seemed longer than on the map, stopping for lunch asking to confirm directions this did not seem right by our info.

Spot mini me and Maya 3/4 way down

Continuing out of the town Maya stopped, assuming we had just run the rear tank dry we switched the taps over but no go, I blew into the tank breather to make sure it wasn't just a vapour lock then she started, went half km then died again, sporadically she would go then stop, repeat .

By this time we had gone far enough to be very committed (and yes it was further tan on the map) thinking we were just near the top, the problem got worse to the point I was blowing into the breather every 200 meters to keep fuel in the carbs ... I was not enjoying this.

Especially trying to ride this stuff

Beautiful tho ....and worth every breath

Then it got worse, turning the corner we thought was the top of the valley it opened up to the next tier and even more difficult, we are now at 3900 meters, don't know where we are and still had to climb, committed we carried on to the summit at 4300 meters, we stopped at a cross track to gather, we established Santiago De Chuca was bloody miles away and we really had taken a short cut.....but to Angasmarca .... our next days ride

Cool mountain shapes

Few horses to keep us company

By this stage we are on a 4x4 style track with water holes 300 - 400 deep and muddy and it was dry (they would be 600 mm plus in the wet), we still had 50 km to get to a town assuming the road even existed, luckily it did and it took us onto a mining road for the last 12 km then down into Angasmarca.

The track sidled around the valley

Before dropping us onto this very loose and boney section

I continued blowing into the tank right to the plaza knowing we had to find accom.

Ellen got the hostel and it had a garage space so that was mint, off with the tank and pump, the points clearly weathering from bad power and a wire that was dislodged from its crimped keeper, it had not been crimped properly from new. ... now before anyone gets out the KTM gun the petrol pump is Mitsubishi .... so jappa.

Some sanding and filing of points and and crimping the wire properly we set her back together with life in our fuel pump, me I could run a marathon now with my lung training.

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