Saturday, 28 December 2013

Leycabamba To Celedin To Cajamarca

After some deep thoughts in Kuelap can it get any better... yeap!!! I am on my moto with deep thoughts and scenery to get possessive over

Worlds most beautiful road, one of many we have had the privilege to ride and stunning it was, one of many we in Peru.

We left at the normal time of about 9.00am and soon caught up to Devin who was cycling up the monster hill which goes up to 3600 meters.

We towed him the 8 - 9 km up the hill which saved his legs and lungs a good 2 hours slog knowing he would need his energy for the following days climb outa Balsa.

Totally legal of course and we had consent ....

For the vid

Saying goodbye at the top .. group photo

Waving bye bye to a happy camper we quietly meandered our way down this beautiful black boulevard of scenery, the fog playing with us and the narrow and winding road keeping my mind on the job.

Narrow in places

WOW, I am not sure I got outa 2nd gear the whole way down as we took our time gobsmacked at the beauty.

This was the section of road the mum nature sent for a holiday down the chasm, a new temporary permanent bridge in place, you don't look off the side

Into Balsa the outside temp hit 41 degrees C, a quick feed under a tree and few good gobs of water we set to the next leg up and over to Celedin.

Coupla local boy racers taking the outside line but with some kiwi skill we kicked their Asses

Cool scenery and rock faces

This is common sight along this part of road, a complete monster rock garden

Crossing the swollen river at Balsa

The roads goes on and on up the valley then you leave the tighter section and realize you are actually only about 1/3 of the way up, we thought of Devin riding up there and were extremely grateful of a 950cc donk.

Finally up and over we continued to Celendin where we finished for the day as a stopover to destination Cajamarca Christmas.

Some locals in Celedin

Typical tall oversized hats are worn by everybody except the hot chics trying to impress the boys and the horny boys who don't wonna destroy or disturb their new 1980's Bobby Brow hairdo

Only having about 120 km to do for the day we didn’t bust our nuts and had plenty of time to get sorted, James and Colleen Tucker and Tobius were joining us for Christmas in Cajamarca for a gathering of the homeless, request was wifi, parking cheap, the request was fulfilled.

Christmas afternoon James and Colleen rolled in followed by Tobius followed by Devin on his pushbike .... top effort!!

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