Friday, 6 December 2013

Chimborazo - Size DOES Matter

When you see this you know you are in for a treat

Ellen thought she would compliment the mountain...

Chimborazo, highest point above the center of the earth, because of the egg shape of earth the top of Chimborazo is jn fact the highest point on earth or the closest point to the sun, we rode up to 4860 meters , New Zealands highest point is Mount Cook which is 3754 meters so we were riding 1106 meters higher than the highest point in New Zealand

Poor ol maya was down to about 20 hp, at the carpark she didnt have enough grunt to get out of the soft volcanic sand and up the carpark very easily so that is where she stayed for her photography session.

Getting closer, we did well timing wise as only 10 minutes after we arrived she disappeared under a vale of fog

We were here


Or for you imperialists

Few locals milling around, allamaring really

Accomplishing the highest point on our trip, the highest point we have ever been on land and the highest point we have ever slept at (other than that just anther normal day) before headed for the lowlands going coastal for a change sea level so a 4860 meter variable for the ol bod.

Firstly tho we stopped at the famous zig zag train track however the price had gone up from $6 for 8am-2.30pm trip to $25 for 2 hours .... one thing is gringo prices but that set a new level, $50 bucks was too fat for our budget so we went coastal

This came with navigational difficulties as I was gonna take a shortcut .... yeah

Bridge too small for the bike, river a tad lumpy ... small backtrack required

Spotting a back road we disappeared into the hills then down onto the plains, now we were back into jungle again and shabby towns, our destination for the night Las Americas ....not sure whose idea than was, wouldn't call it a tourist trap .

Contacting the mad Canadians we discovered they were at the seaside town we were looking to go to, that sorted that out so destination Puerto Lopez was set for the next day.

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