Friday, 27 December 2013

Luya To Chachapoyas To Kuelap

We returned back to Luya from the statues and headed for Chachapoyas for much needed wifi, my passport is due to expire in 2014 and you need it valid for at least six months after your border crossing, buggered if i know why as to me valid is valid.

So our major discovery at this point in the planet is getting wifi is hard to find then to cap it off is is very very slow so uploading photos and doing ride reports has now become a mission in itself.

Now we find ourselves clocking into big towns every few days to catch up on office work, sometimes a ride report and clocking onto FB etc turns into a chaw with the lack of speed so please be patient, this is a great excuse to ignore you guys but we aren’t doing that ......promise .

Chachapoyas was cool, nice setting and we had a nice pizza which is a change from chicken and rice, we did get my passport stuff done finally, we also tried to get Mayas registration sorted but from a third world country dealing with an antiquated bureaucratically bullshit system the USA/Arizona has is 4th world to deal with, unbelievable to be honest ... all we wonna do is give them money to keep the system straight

Office work plus or minus done for the mo thankfully the plan was to visit kuelap ... poor mans Machu Picchu ... or is it?

Local police bike ... rural

Beautiful buildings

Here you can get Coca Cola and Inca Kola, not sure the Incas drunk this stuff tho .. both made by Coca Cola!!

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