Monday, 23 December 2013

San Agnacio To Cuispes

Waterfalls ...common as rice in China

Our plan started as heading to Chachapoyas however meeting Oliver and his girlfriend by chance at the hostel he suggested some alternate ideas, being a local we took it on.

We hit the road at 6.00am to avoid upwards of 8 hours delay on the road due to massive roadworks, again great advice from the hostel dude saying get past the roadworks prior 7.00am when they start or it will take all day to cover about 60 km.

Riding through the roadworks and being wet the base binder they use it stuck to Maya like concrete, we wanted some good rain to help wash this stuff off but that did not eventuate despite ominous looking clouds, we did have treats further on tho where the road has some cool overhangs through the gorges.

We took a wrong turn ... ooops

This boat was gonna take us across the river but we decided against it wanting to keep Maya a little longer

We hoped this went somehwere .. in Peru we have found many surprises on the road

Old bridge new bridge

Cool rock into under cut rock

So, between paper maps and Mrs.Garmin we made it however Mrs.Garmin has us in a different place to where we are ... as do the paper maps......must be the Japanese earthquake eh.

There is one Hostal here in the main plaza (only plaza) so we based ourselves there, you won’t know it is there unless someone tells you ... so here it is, the GPS coords and what you are looking for.

GPS coords

Cool wee tranquil town up at 2000 meters so easy to sleep and quiet, secure and enjoyable, no wifi tho.

As far as a quiet hangout it ticks the boxes well and we thank Oliver for the local information

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