Friday, 27 December 2013


Poor mans Machu Picchcu ... not on your life, this place is unreal and a genuine treat back into, at $5 compared to Machu Picchcu $50 I hope Machu Picchcu is ten times better.

A great road leading to Kuelap we found lodgings in a small town Maria and the following day took the ride to the top.

This is a model of what used to be there in their hay day.

Well for poor mans Machu Picchcu it is outstanding, we spent the good part of 3.5 hours wondering around the photogenic ruins...the ex home of 3000 inhabitants at 3000 meters above stress level.

Entrada/Entrance, one of only four.

Of interest all the buildings were built circular except the big meeting room, the views from all side can only be described as majestic.

A newly restored building showing what was there.

Some local llamas followed us around, I think they just wanted their photos taken with some whiteyfoos.

Different decals on the walls for different levels of society

Tombraiders .... I think we beat Angelina Jolie here

Propping some ruins


This is the point I sat there, looked out over the valley and had some deep thoughts (normally I am very shallow ), so wow, here WE are in Peru in Kuelap sitting here looking straight in the face of raw history, I felt inspired and bulletproof, taking some fresh air in, big breaths, big views .... I was there

Ellen got some air too .... Phil and Jayne this one ok?

Completion the ruins satisfied and fulfilled with our rocking experience we set to heading south to Leymebamba, the road was completely wiped out a coupla of weeks ago so we had no idea if we were going to do an epic backtrack or not, the bus drivers at Kuelap said no you can’t go through so we thought we would have a look anyway...glad we did.

We bumped into Martin a German RTW traveller and he had just come through no problem so game on plan A still in effect with scenery road supreme in our sights.

Crashing the night in Leymebamba we met Devin a Canadian on a pushbike so 3 x gringos go out for tea in the small town, great end to a superb day.

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