Sunday, 31 March 2013

Belize Border To Orange Walk

Belize ..... Welcome to Belize mun.

Easy getting in, we did ride straight past the spraying and insurance both cos no one came running out at us ... public holidays eh.

We clocked into customs, clocked Maya in, went back to the insurance office and bought our insurance and Maya got sprayed with WTF they spray her with .. just as well she is not ticklish.

I had a larf with the guy saying I thought he was going to wash her but that joke kinda fell flat cos she is still covered in oil and undersealed from the oil pipe splitting.

With all the formalities done we were off into the unknown again, destination Orange Walk ... for us it shoulda been Orange Ride.

Along the way we stopped at Corozal for lunch beside the sea.

Finding a reasonable priced hotel was a challenge, first one was way to spendie next one was spendie but we didn’t have many options, it was later in the day, we were tired and slightly dehydrated so yeap take it, nice place it was.

Walking into town the place was dead ... we thought WTF have we done but later on the roller shutters rolled up and the town was breathing. 

The bridge over the river behind our hotel

Tug boat setting a pace!!

This looked more like a KTM shop than homely stuff

Tea was an eat in that night as we had food we needed to finish from Mexico so that was nice, on walking around the town we stopped and looked in the corner shop / dairy ad they sell booze!! Black Stollies to be precise so I bought one to take back to the room and it almost made back.

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Anonymous said...

Did you paint your Bike Orange for the Orange walk or you have a thing for the orange color? What camera do you use to take the photos cos it actually captures the scene beautifully. Good work. Thanks.
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