Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cuba - Day 20 - Habana, Last Day In Cuba

A good nights sleep at the Casa which was nice and quiet we sat down to a breakfast that was very nice indeed.

Our neighbours from Switzerland joined us at the table and we had a great chat to them, turns out we were on the same flight back to Cancun.

Finishing our breaky we walked the other side of old town in search of two famous cocktail bars, Floridita and La Bodeguita Del Medio ... we found both, Hemingway’s idea was NOT for capitalism, the funny thing here in the government own these and the cocktails here are the most expenisve in Cuba and people are lining up to have a Mojitto where Hemingway had one so the non capitalist govt is making a killing while the masses suffer .... go figure.

We only took photos and continued our own tour of interest in the old town taking in the sights and sounds.

A local school class in action

We found this very amusing, an old guy wearing an Alaska T shirt and a national flag on his hat... kind of contradicts itself a bit 

From the front he is a very typical Cuban guy

Buying some cheese and ham from a local shop we sat in a local park and ate lunch with a cold can of Coke .... yes American Coka Cola. .... you can't find it in many places in Cuba.

Wondering back along the waterfront towards our Casa we wanted to get some photos of the open top cars and the the bodgie Buicks with ruffians hangin out of them.

See the line up of oldies, this is a very normal lineup


The Buick turned up but looking sensible .... sorry guys.

An assortment of old cars trundled past so we did manage to snap a few.

Gringos  ... loking at Gringos 

Last one, I could post million of photos of these old honeys 

Picking our gear up from the Casa we caught a 56 Chevy Taxi to our final stay in the prebooked hotel, the Taxi is more like a collectivo where they stop and pick up people along the way and drop them off so you don’t have it for yourself, the locals also pay in CUP and we pay CUC so the sam ride cost us 10 x more (Them and the Us’s)

The afternoon was nice and hot so we slacked around at the pool for and hour or so but the pool water was freezing even by Ellen standards or piling in anywhere. 

Having 32 CUC left we had lobster kababs for tea then stopped for finish cocktails across the road from our hotel, after all that we had $2.60 left and the icecream tubs were $1.30 each so we splashed out and bought two ..... now were are officially broke in Cuba and as poor as everyone else.

In the small shopping centre there was a pile of metal elephants that were very well done

I think the one on the right is Manny from Ice Age 

Ellen chatted with some Chinese guys for a while then we set off home to bed for the final time in Cuba.

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