Monday, 25 March 2013

Cuba - Day 15 - Sanata Clara To Varadero

An early start of 6.30am for breaky ... I was not very hungry but ate a small amount to get some energy.

As usual the bus was somewhere in the middle for timing, we got our tickets which you can only buy the hour before and we were off, me holding my guts over the cuban potholed road. 

Varadero was meant to be our sunshine, relax, lobster and Pina Colada drinking two day tourist stop .... FAIL.

We arrived and it was raining  ... sometimes shit just does not work out despite your best efforts but you know what we were there and almost in one piece.

Still time to forge a grin

Walking down to the beach it was deserted with winds and rain, the surf was up but not very inviting

Ellen bought some new bikinis cos her old ones were shagged and fell off quite a bit exposing asian boobies to unsuspecting onlookers, these are genuine made in Cuba so we did our best to support their economy 

She had to try them out but wasn't totally enthused

It was cold 

Walking back through town we stopped at some craft shops, there are some real talented people out there making cool stuff our of waste

The cigar shop had a dude making them in front of us, he was very good at it

With my exit bodily functions still havin a go we went to the diving school to see if Ellen could do a dive (while I am crook) but the sea was too rough and all diving was cancelled for 3 days ... walking back through to the main street I spotted this .. I wasn't sure if this was a sign or a "sign" 

Finishing up that evening we went to a small restaurant with a two for one lobster deal, I had a Pina Colada sans rum , Ellen had a Mojitto and a feed, again I ordered simple rice with some veges with the smaller tail of lobster so I didn't dip out but to be fair I chewed on it not really enjoying it from feeling uneasy (note sign above) 

My drink ... kinda cool eh

Back to the casa it was time to turn the lights on...

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