Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cuba - Day 19 - Vinales To Habana

We managed to get a Cubataxi that was organised to pick us up at 10.00am, most Cubans to be honest are very punctual and sure as normal 9.59am the car rocks up.

Said goodbyes and did photos with our warmest casa host in Cuba

We pile in and meet out travel companions for the morning from Mexico Sean and his good lady (that is short for we forgot her name), very interesting chatting to them about their travels etc.

The driver was good keeping up a nice and steady pace ... nothing too life threatening, arriving in Habana we were dropped off at the Casa we had been recommended by Lucy and Sarndra but unfortunately they were full and not having their phone number we could not ring ahead, no worries they ALL have amigos and within 10 minutes of watching “Meeting The Fockers” in spanish we were sorted and taken to a very nice place.

The price was more than we wanted to spend as my medical bill had left us slightly short but he was slightly accommodating so we booked in for tea and breakfast as well which he was pretty happy about as they do well from the meals.

Into Habana old town I had my eye on a painting we spotted three weeks earlier the day we arrived, such was the colour and vibrance on this painting I really wanted it so we negotiated with the lady and a combination of CUC $, CUP $ and smiles we agreed with everything we had in our pocket which was about $29 dollars so I am stoked.... can’t believe I bought some art tho, Fiona you will be impressed I am sure, this is it, cost us $50 bucks to send it home 

... I must be getting old or sensible so I will have to deal with that separately.  

On the way back to the Casa to leave my prize painting in our room we stopped and bought some guayaba (nice fruit) and for a rest.... back out down the waterfront for a look, relax and sit in the sun and watch Habana go by.

This was a local lad who was running then diving off the wall ... dude had balls!!

....not much space between him and a grated belly 

There was major watermain reconstruction happening but very slowly, there was a serious cutting machine to cut through the concrete road, I would love to see it going!!!! see Ellen standing there.

She was also surprised how small the main tools were for such a large machine 8-D

Spotted near the art shop was three Harleys, the white one we had seen in another town days prior 

This car was still sitting in the same place three weeks earlier .... wonder how long it will sit like that

Evening drew in and tea was served for Ellen with me still opting out of a full meal, I helped Ellen finish off.

Off to bed like a couple of old people ready for our last day in Cuba.

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