Friday, 22 March 2013

Cuba - Day 8 - Holguin To Baracoa

Argh Cuban weather, mostly reliable to wake up to a pretty nice day... which we did.

Breakfast was organised at our Casa so was taken care of, the standard of food was good with Cuban coffee to boot our day into gear.

Peter and Miriam arrived after breakfast so we all set off into town to find a rental car, arriving at Cubatur car rental we said we wanted an economic car, she said we have a medium car, we said we wanted something economical and compact, she said we have a medium car ..., ok, we said how many cars do you have? she said well

Turns out it was a medium car in white, perfect my favourite colour, size and make  .... I think it was a Citroen so we said if that is it we will take it.

Pure luxury 

We were splitting the cost down the middle with Peter and Miriam which made it economical to do so we took it for 5 days and now we are off the bus beaten track and actually seeing Cuba.

Stopping at a small place for lunch we were very much in the Cuba back yard, we managed to buy pizza for lunch which was $5 pesos so 20 cents each.


We chose the worst road in Cuba because we could ... the pavement ran out and the 3rd world road/track begun and the scenery got better and better.

This is a common scene in Cuba

Passing the old copper factory where we were not allowed to take the photos of clean green Cuba we continued along the coastline, 4wd standard in places but rental car capable.

Stopping at a road side stall selling coconut juice the lady was slightly standoffish, we all bought one drink to try and had another because it was excellent and we gave her a tip as well, her eyes lite up nicely when we wanted more so it was good times all round.


There were some groovy coral cliffs which looked quite daunting really and something from a jungle style horror movie. 

Our destination was Baracoa and we arrived around 5.15pm, just in time to find a new Casa with two rooms and space to park the car off the road, done within 15 minutes sorted and settled.

Showers all round we went out for tea to a local restaurant. 

Ellen was attacked by her Mojitto and was feeling the effects of alcohlove

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