Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cuba - A Step Back In Time

Quick overview, we have broken the report down to each day so there will be 21 reports, a few pics each, in the Cuba sum up we will put the link up to the photo album so you can see the rest of them if you are at work 

This is our route we took so for names and places look on here to make sense of it if you can ... if you can make sense of it let us know 


Day 1, February 27th 2013, we left from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun on the aeropuerto bus.

Arriving at the aerupuerto to terminal two we established that was where we needed to get off. 

Per our travel agent lady we arrived three hours early to find our man who was meant to meet us wasn’t there .... when he did get there he had changed genda to a she ... no worries same job done just on Mexico time.

At the Cancun airport you can buy anything Harley except a bike 

Getting our tickets and VISAs etc all handed over was very easy done and painless so all we had to do is then wait for our call to board our plane at gate 6 ... which was then changed to gate 4 or we would have gone to Canada ...... not too bad option either.

Tickets ... WOH HOH we are off!!!

Leaving Cancun the views from the tin bird were pretty cool giving a great perspective of the layout of gringoland.

We left our pen in the cargo luggage, when we were given a customs form, we thought we could borrow a pen from the cabin crew. Ellen asked nicely to a male hostess t borrow a pen?, got a straight answer “NO!”, oh well, that’s the Cubana Air service for us. It turned out at the end we gave the blank forms to them, nobody really cares anyway so what is the point to hand them out at the first place???.

Crossing a few smaller islands we had only just been given a drink and snack then we were descending down into Havana so it is not far.

Arriving bang on 4.10 pm our bag took over an hour to get as did everybody else’s, they musta been having some sietas in between pushing each bag out as the machine almost seemed constipated. 

Finally we cleared the sniffer dogs and customs to meet our preorganised ride to our preorganised hotel for the first and last nights.

The hotel was a 4 star.... yeah right - we think the location was but not the room and facility were 2 maybe 3 star at best. The air conditioning was a fan, the sliding door would not open without an epic arm wrestle, anyway, you get what you pay for... sort of.

Pic of the room on super vivid to make it look better, note we had the latest tube TV 

The view was cool although the glamourous looking pool was freezing cold. 

That evening we got out cash and had a small “feet on the ground” look around not venturing too far as the footpaths were not lit and it was very dark but to be honest it was as safe as.

In new territory with new currency and new prices and the unknown of where we will stay we both had that sinking feeling that we had when we entered Mexico of WTF have we done.

Won’t be long and and we will get into the rhythm.

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