Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cuba - Day 6 - Trinidad To Camaguey

The bus leaves at 8.00am ... we had to be up early as we have to be there at 7.30am and our clock does not normally start that early.

Leaving bang on 8.10 am (Cuba time which was pretty good) the trip was good going through the Cuban countryside, wet met an Ozzie traveler Barry from Ozzie (obviously), real nice guy (for an Ozzie) and having a great trip through the islands, best for your trip too mate, arriving at Camaquey at 1.30 pm we were stood up!! ... no Casa people???

All dressed up and no place to go, on exiting the bus station we got SWAMPED ... Taxi, Taxi sir .... come with me ...Taxi, seems our host from Trinidad who had organised our next stay had not quite filled in everything so we had to start again .... no worries, plenty of Casas and we were sorted in 5 minutes arriving at our new Casa Particular.

Starting with a coffee with a BOOT we left for centro and had a good look around.

Camaquey is more of an industrial town and had art shops and the usual touristy part, we did have a very nice coffee which has become the norm here in Cuba, prices ranging from the local single shot at $.04 cents to the cafe today which was $1.20 for a cappuccino with a lump of chocolate which was very nice indeed. 

We tried to get a photo of the bike but this hot young Cuban girl was getting in the way 

All over Cuba it was very common and very popular to have the latest 1980's Boby Brown hairdo

What a surprise to see this .....  ... it is absolutely rubbed into them everywhere and right from early school drummed in them.


A very common sight in Cuba is lineups, these people cueing for bread

This guy was chasing me round asking for money, this is another in your face happening on a daily basis ... this is my understanding look.

Captain Koul, Bobby Browns bro

Another local Ural sidie, these are everywhere from the west to the east

These chairs kinda stood out in a street where nothing was happening and they just looked ... well...odd!

This is very much a typical cattle class local bus, as whiteyfoos we are not allowed to ride on these again very much reinforcing the "Them and the Us's" in Cuba, in reality we were not too worried as they were alway severely overcrowded but it would have been neat to have gone on one just for the experience.

A groovy wee man made cave which was very well done in a local park.

A very common scene on the local streets a Lada and older two strokes, in this case all three were blue so we shot it with a different approach.


Local paintings on wall with a big cat in a park that you could walk through the middle of

The other fashion in Cuba for woman is to wear fishnet stockings of all descripts which was kinda unusual to see, even the elderly ladies did the same so it wasn't just a young persons thing.... most stockings we almost lady of the night kinda look (not that there is anything wrong with that) 

To finish, our wine tonight was Cuban Soroa Vino Tinto at $2.08 was a real splash-out, not entirely top shelf but good enough to sit and write a report with, that is not to say you guys are not worth it but just saying it was still ok 

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Anonymous said...

Great photos and writing! Glad that you are having a relaxing time and in a new place. Are you doing any two-wheel time in Cuba?

Your friend the Yankee,