Monday, 25 March 2013

Cuba - Day 18 - Vinales

My first breakfast in a few days and although limited in what the Docs would let me eat I enjoyed it which was a great start, NO coffee for me until the meds are done so that is a bit hard smelling beautiful Cuban coffee knowing I can’t have any. 

We set off on our bicycle tour to the Cigar farm, rock artwork and caves, $20 CUC (dollars) was so well worth it as it included lunch, drink, park entry, bike hire and a our guide who could talk Spinglish.

Our getaway vehicles

Leaving at 9.00am it was a 25 km round trip over 4.5 hours duration and a great way to take in the local sights having the local guide.

There is a massive painting by a local artist that is 180 metres long and 120 metres high

To gauge the size of this incredible work you need a human so I got three, Ellen in the middle, Lucy and Sarndra to the left

Dedication to photography ... just for you guys 

Part of the trip was through caves, walking then onto a small boat ... outstanding it was and really well worth it.

Looking up toward the roof of the cavern you can see the lime and clay wash coming through

Lime wash down the walls

Nearing the exit of the cave

Our Amigos Sarndra and Lucy who were on the cycle trip with us we organised to meet for tea, Lucy has just come back from 10 months in South America and said nowhere near enough!!!! ..... real keen to chat more with her and to swap todays photos. 

A brightly coloured casa we passed on the way back

This buckled and beaten Ural caught my eye along with the phones (again), the thing that set this bike aside from the others is it had a Dulux overhaul nothing less than hand painted with a house brush so it will mechanically sound for another 100000 

Later in the avo we walked up to a spendie hotel to get grande views of Vinales, the weather was clear and hot so a nice walk indeed then back to town for a juice.

Check out this little fella, he surprised me with how far he could jump

There is something about Urals, they are very much the Cuban workhorse but this is the first one we spotted with a trailer

This one was only four people and a cake tray

For our trip back to Habana we organised a Cubataxi with two others, it worked out at $3 CUC each more but we get picked up from Vinales Casa and taken door to door to our Habana Casa so it actually works out slightly cheaper to do this as we do not need to get a taxi at the other end which would cost another $8.00 CUC.

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