Monday, 25 March 2013

Cuba - Day 14 - Ciego De Avila To Santa Clara

We managed to get into a hotel at 12.15 am after getting out of the hospital, they were not going to let me go unless I could walk by myself, Ellen got me a Lemonade fresco loaded with sugar so I downed that 1/2 hour before and that was my saving grace. Also thanks Tony gave us the Hotel Santiago Habana in town which we know we can stay there.

They (the doctors) said I need rest and sleep and that was NOT going to happen in the hospital with people coughing, weazing and yelling in Spanish as well and coming up to me every half hour and prodding me to see if I was sleeping!!!! 

So I bluffed my way out of hospital and got to the hotel knowing it would be 10 - 15 minutes of torment before being able to rest peacefully and sleep in which I desperately needed.

Check out was 12 noon and we got ours extended till 1.30 pm so I stayed in bed till 1.00pm .... man I was knackered.

Down to the bus station to catch the next bus we used my sick day (don't want to use annual leave ) ((forgot we don't have any )) to keep our timing, very uncomfortable to say the least but you can’t halt progress.

The funny thing at the hospital they gave me nothing for pain ... WTF, they either thought I was tuff or thick 

Not many photos in this report ... you have seen enough dead Andi photos and herd enough whining ..... onwards to the next day 

We did however go out for tea in Santa Clara or at least Ellen did and I tagged along ... mine was the bowl or rice, Ellens was the lobster salad and Mojitto .

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