Friday, 22 March 2013

Cuba - Day 7 - Camaguey To Santiago De Cuba ...Almost

Waking early from traffic noise we decided to use our time for other things, the day was bright and shiny luring us to have more of a look before hitting the bus to Santiago De Cuba so back to the coffee shop for a another boot. 

Having finished our look around we took a bici taxi (Trike taxi) to the bus station, we couldn’t buy tickets until the bus arrives cos then they know how many people are on the bus and if they can sell you a seat....kinda potluck.

In between times we had organised another ride via collectivo who was going to drop us off door to door to our next Casa Particular which saves on time and more taxis.

Peter and Miriam a Dutch couple we meet and an English girl were also at the station and were heading to Holguin which is a little over half way to Santiago De Cuba then renting a car from there and do a round the island trip 

Our collectivo man came back and said our car had shit itself and couldn’t go so we were back to the bus again, we chatted with Peter and Miriam about their travels and they asked if we wanted to join them, hell yeah, it is what we wanted to do and it halves their cost too .... being dutchies all round this was a win win.

After bus to Santiago, then collectivo to Santiago, then back to bus to Santiago, we finally did the bus to Holguin then do the rental car thing from there .... 4 mind changes in ten minutes.... not bad.... I am starting to understand how woman work (runs for cover) 

The bus trip to Holguin was uneventful (liking that), arriving at Holguin we were MOBBED by Taxi, Taxi sir .... come with me ...Taxi, seems to be the norm here and I kid you not you do not even get out the door of the bus and they are in your face so it is total mayhem.

One guy talked English so he won, they took us to a local Casa Particular and organised us which was great, on the way into town we were unfortunate enough to see a car not stop at an intersection and take out two guys on a Russian MZ 250 motorbike, both hoped up but both went back down again so it wasn’t ideal, they were rolling around and holding the heads as they hit the corner of a stone building after smashing over the front of the car, hope they are ok.

Getting settled at our Casa we established that Ellen had not taken a bag of our stuff off the bus and it would have been half way to Santiago De Cuba, it had our big knife, ti spoons, chopping board and some fruit and some wine in it, we came to blows over this as I am always against having our good gear in loose plastic bags so that will not happen anymore.

Not only does it dent the budget having to buy replacement stuff but good quality replacement stuff in Cuba is a non event so we spent the rest of our night chasing the bus company trying to organise to get everything back, luckily we have great host here who are going to help us out with picking them up from the bus company. 

No pictures today lads and ladesses .... just bus stuff and taxis so kinda unexciting.

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