Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cuba - Day 12 - Bayoma To Holguin

An early start with breaky at 8.00am ....8.50am Cuba time, then our all inclusive night we had to pay $2 CUC extra to get our car back ... there is ALWAYS an addon with Cubans pretty much no matter what even if it is in writing, sorting that out (paying) we hit the road heading toward Holguin.

Arriving at Holguin we went back to our Casa from 5 days ago as they had our knife and spoons etc and they were great people with a nice place to stay, we were very appreciative of there help in getting our good kit back we gave them a good tip/extra for helping.

From there we went out to the beach at Guardalavaca, nice place it was too but very touristy.

I don't know what lengths you have to go to a photo of a winder surfer when people just get in the way 

I was trying to work out if this was Coca Cola......

The beach

Peter and Miriam just relaxing

Another beautiful old car immaculate ... would love to take that home

Returning we followed this, again a very common sight to see.


Peter and Miriam had tea with us at the Casa then we walked around town, very clean streets with terrazzite ... lavish finish for a street!!!!.

On returning back to the Casa Peter and Miriam were leaving to Vinales so we walked with them up to the bus to say goodbyes.

Ellen and I walked back through town and there was heaps happening, Ellen bought me some candyfloss which was real treat but it was not pink like it is in New Zealand. It cost 2 pesos which was 8cents.

There was an orchestra playing awesome music with a conductor that was so into it you could feel the soul through the music, nearing the end a few of them stood up and did their solos showing off their talent while letting loose again this was very cool and they were loving it playing passionately to the audience. They use washing pegs to hold their paper, very cuban style. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera with us. 

We did return with our camera but they had finished, we did however get to see an open air movie which was war based and about how they had succeeded with their idea ... what a surprise.

The more interesting thing for us was the DVD player strapped onto the back of a bike

... and the projector taped onto a stand

Back to home base at 9.40pm it was bedtime ready for the morning hike before jumping on the bus to Giego de Avila.

It was quiet as Peter and Miriam had left, we really enjoyed our chance meeting and 5 days cruising around doing some very interesting stuff, onya guys you made the middle part of our trip special and fun.

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