Friday, 22 March 2013

Cuba - Day 9 - Baracoa

Starting with a Casa breaky which set us up for the day our setting was fit for a king and queen ... so we will take that!!

After our breaky we headed out to a waterfall which was $8 CUC each for a 40 minute walk   .... you have to be kidding us ... no way, unfortunately we are just viewed as a treasure chest full of money rather than people. 

Price came down to $5 CUC each which was still way over the top so due to their greed they lost everything and we decided to go 1 km down the river to a free place we could fluff around in the water which was very nice.

Mirium contemplating life on a rock in the river ... probably wondering how the hell she got tangled up with the two dodgy kiwis 

Two girls sitting on the two rocks keeping an eye on the getaway car

On the way down there was bridge that was a little worse for wear ... coat of paint should fix it 

No worries the locals had blazed a track around it

Continuing back down the road we stopped at the chocolate trees to see how they grow, amazing plants with amazing colours

It was getting toward lunchtime so we headed to a Rio (River) restaurant where we had lunch and it was outstanding and cost $5.80 CUC so much better value.

My coconut drink with real bambo straws ... awesome!!!

This was Ellens drink, everything in a natures own bowls ... perfecto

There was a tour group coming in for lunch and they had a pig on a spit which unfortunately we could not get our hands on

The smell .... ouwh the smell 

Finishing lunch we headed for the Playa (Beach) to sit in the sun on the beach, we pretty much had the place to ourselves other than an older woman who decided we looked like very rich tourists.... no boobie shots today sorry 

After that Playa we went to another very off the beaten track Playa and met some locals who were super friendly and vey nice people.

These guys were really cool and very welcoming ..... cool.......whiteyfoos  

On a complete turn on the above this is Wifi in Cuba and pretty much somes it up

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