Monday, 25 March 2013

Cuba - Day 16 - Varadero Tourist Day

Another rest day for me at least, still feeling sick and the back end still going strong we went to the medical centre again, they stabbed me with a needle the size of a lamppost in my right bum cheek and gave me some more heavy drugs and emptied the pocket for $108 dollars.

That afternoon we took a two door 55 Chevy out to the end of the spit and back as the double decker bus was chocker every time we saw it so today was treat day.

Lady Ellen Delis

55 Bel Air


Sir and Madam bodgies  ... just need a fag packet rolled up in my sleeve to complete that picture.

Three of us in the car


We stopped at an old building which was summer house for someone rich from yesteryear ... my memories lost the name


A view down the ocean front with me doing my garden gnome impression


The driver is great guy and stuck to his quoted price, I felt like giving him a tip for being straight up but being straight up should be normal and we had already paid very fairly. 

Arriving back in town we wandered into the park for a look and a lite lunch, check out the colour of the water 

On our walk later in the afternoon I spotted and old BSA which was cool as you just don’t see any (many) British bikes here. 

Fuel Injection with a high flow stealth filter 

Cool covers


I took some photos as it was just parked in the parking lot, there was a guy milling around, he didn’t say anything and let me take photos, I was just about to leave THEN he asked for $1.00 CUC (dollar), I said I have no money, he made me empty my pockets which was a glasses cleaning rag in one and dunnie paper in the other and he wasn’t interested in the dunnie paper cos I offered it to him quite forcefully which he DIDN’T like so they don’t like it when you do it to them but it is ok for them to harass you???? I don’t even think he was the owner as he had a taxi that he was milling around in.

Anyway, I still have my photos and dunnie paper and my $1.00 CUC to blow on something else ..... probably more dunnie paper. 

Finishing up for the evening we ate in at the Casa having Lobster to sign out from Varadero in style, for once in my eating career I could not finish mine so I gave it to Ellen.

As usual we were quoted $10 CUC for the both of us and when it came to paying the price had doubled, this time we stuck to our guns and said no that was not what was agreed and she backed down, every time is a mission and you get worn down by having to hold your wallet hard as they sneakily add more in here and there pretty much ALWAYS. 

It does take the shine off the place when this happens day in day out.

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