Monday, 25 March 2013

Cuba - Day 17 - Varadero To Habana To Vinales

Early start of 6.30 am .... again!!, our Casa host to be honest was not that friendly and didn’t seem to keen to help us despite it being the most expensive place we stayed in Cuba, she gave a us an alarm clock to use which didn’t work, luckily Ellen woke at 6.40 am so we still made it to the bus.

Our trip up to Habana was nice along the sea front with mum nature whipping up the sea with big winds from the weather system from the US.

A bit of a wait in Habana we walked around in town for a while and got water etc for our next part of the trip to Vinales. 

Along the way we stopped at a small eating place with a Tobaco fame beside it so being nosey we had a look through ... as ya do.

Coming down into Vinales you come through a narrow winding road then kinda pop out at the head of the valley into the steep mountainous area and quite spectacular, these shot from the bus so not very clear

Arriving in Vinales we were greeted by our Casa host’s daughter, the Casa was recommended by a girl we met in the bus station and a good recommendation it was too we were warmly welcomed in.

Arriving at our casa they showed us to our room .....  it looked like a 1970's porn room with orange bed spreeds, all walls curtained and a luve heart bedhead with a mirror  .... c h o i c e


Before we settled in and the sun went down we took a walk into town and booked a bike tour around the local area. 

Phones ... something you don't see anywhere else

This is a local bus, V8 powered Russian truck, it sounded very throaty and quite awesome for a bus, not entirely sure why they need a 6 wheel drive machine for town but maybe they know something we don't

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