Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cuba - Day 5 - Trinidad

Mum nature decided to be nice and play well today, we woke to a sunny morning although cold and breezy, todays mission was to hire a scoota and go for a hoon around the district and take in the locale.

n o i c e helmet eh 

The fuel gauge was playing up and according to the fuel bars we were going to run out of fuel but when we got to the petrol station we only just squeezed in 5 CUC.

We did get to the viewpoint on the way to the National Park which was cool but decided to call it at that and not head into the park given we thought we were short on fuel.

This is the road up ... woulda been more fun on Maya!!

The wind had picked up and it was blowing hard along the beach front so not too many people sitting in the sun, it did make for great waves tho.

A boat that had sunk many years ago and has just been left there

Cruising around Trinidad we caught some locale, was cool.

Some local lads having a good old chat

Yesteryear pic

Another two stroke, they are everywhere.

Two local girls wearing vacuum pack clothing

During the afternoon we took the scoota to the sugar cane mills and checked out a 7 storey kinda building. 

Flat out!!!

The tower

The views from the top were great, the stairs were a bit dodgy with one corner of the stair open to a window to fall out 5 floors!!!

Returning back to Trinidad we dropped off the scoota and went to a small cafe/bar and ordered a Majitta and a Pina Colada, the bar owner learning we were Mojittan virgins kindly gave a us a complimentary Cuban cigar to have with our grog.

Live muzic, Cuban cigar, Pina Colada, Mojitto .... life is good.

For those of you tempted by what you see and want to go to Trinidad this is the place to go .... tell him the Kiwis sent you.

Well that kinda pasted the rest of the afternoon as we hit relax mode in full, we were going to walk up to the repeater station above the town but nah Pina Colada was more important. 

6.50 pm we sat down to tea which was lobster, rice, spuds, gerkins, cucumber and stir fried cabbage topped of with a sweet marmalade and cheese style dessert. .... perfecto!!!!

All this was rounded off by a Sunset, Pina Colada and Mojitto for good measure and good health so now we are very healthy. 

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