Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cuba - Day 2 - Habana

We woke to a gray day then is started to rain then it start to blow then it started pissing down .... lucky we were inside having breakfast so it didn’t matter.

We were tossing up whether to move or stay put with the weather caving in, with only having three weeks to play with we decided to crack a pace and move, coupled with our hotel package the room was $30 CUC (same same US) but each night extra was going to be $53 CUC so we booted ourselves out and found a home stay which is very easy as they are everywhere and much cheaper and better than a hotel.

Taking the tourist bus into town we had a look around to get our feet on the ground.

We were the only ones on the top deck toughing it out so we had the place to ourselves 

The funny thing is with Cuba is 99% of their cars are either American heavy metal or Ladas

Most American cars have Japanese diesels in them although I did spot a 4 cyl Lada diesel sitting in a 56 chevy ... the small engine looking extremely lonely in the huge engine bay!!! 

We established that food was not too badly priced and we bought a bottle of Cuban wine for $2.50 which to be fair was actually quite nice, lunch was a plate of food for $2.00 each and filing.

Tomorrow we head to Tinidad where we will stay for three nights and use it as a base camp to look around.

Wifi is VERY hard to impossible to find and when you find it they are wanting $8 euro, about $10 US per hour and it is slower than a wet week, locals are NOT allowed internet, only tourists and at selected locations like 5 star hotels.

Because the internet was so scarce we couldn't even get a photo of it  

Although I am not an arty person I found this painting quite striking with want on my mind.

The old cars are pretty much all Taxis, we went camera mad then realized these old dolls are everywhere, none the less I was lovin it.


Local little taxi .... not as cool as the cars!!!

There is a train restoration yard right in old town centro, they go from this

To this, beautiful work

Some locals relaxing at the waterfront

Canons along the waterfront set up nicely

Russian tank on display, military stuff is everywhere and in your face, every corner, every street.

Stunning old car being used as a wedding vehicle this day

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