Sunday, 31 March 2013

Orange Walk To Sarteneja

A ride to Shipyard (a town) that has a Mennonite Colony there was the first part of our day, the road varied from nice tar seal to WW2 bomb holes, I slowed the whole trip down avoiding the rough stuff were we could.

We were just about there when we were flagged over and stopped by a guy in a ute on the side of the road, having a chat with him he said follow me I know a shortcut ... so we did.

Well that was interesting ... sand pits and mudholes etc kinda fun but not two up. 

Carrying on to Shipyard we watched the Mennonites go about their business in their old fashioned way but they did have tractors and motorcars so not totally old school.

Returning we came back the same way so we could show you the road, ok in the dry but being peat swamp with clay I would think it would be slippery as, Sjoerd advised us against wet back road travel and we can see why now.

Back to the hotel to pick up house an contents we made our way out to Sarteneja, the first part of the road we were doing 15 - 20 mphr (imperial here in Belize) going around the potholes.

1.5 hours later we had ridden 60 km or 40 miles and arrived at the back packers, $47 BZ ($23.50 US) for the Cabana or $14 ($7.00 US) for a camp site .... we set up out tent.

Off to town which is a ten minute walk the place was really cool, we decided to walk back and grab out togs then go out on the jetty were the locals were and joined them for a splash.

There was a yachting regatta on as well so there were boats in the water everywhere

Very blue water

The local bus shelter, note the bottle wall at the back


We bought some food for tea as we had cooking facilities so we made the most of this, our entire days food and drinks cost $41 BZ, less than just dining out and getting not much for tea so it is still considerably cheaper at least to self cook here in Belize, maybe not so much in Mexico.

Included in the food total was two cans of coconut juice which cost $8 so we added some rum to these to spice them up .... yummo.

K, off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

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